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Each industry throughout our history has had its own story to tell. Most of the industries we have come to know have certainly been altered and re-told but still has a sense of pride with respect to those that have participated in one way or another. The Cannabis industry is no different.

The Cannabis Industry is unique in that a story of healing and opportunity has equally been plagued with greed and discrimination. Many industries in America and beyond tend to tell one side without exposing the other(s) — The good, the bad, and the ugly. We fortunately find ourselves in an industry that is in its infancy in comparison. We have an opportunity to explore a once legal, then prohibition industry that has made its way back to a post prohibitional era.

The Midwest has a market that is usually overlooked. Michigan is quickly trending as a top 3 market in the United States with no caps on licenses, autonomy at the municipal level and baked in agricultural scene. Illinois is leading the way with their progressive stance on Social Equity and Criminal Justice Reform. Other Midwest states are primed to enter a market that will have brands from all over converging to bring the best variety of options mixed with a sophisticated legislature(s) that will have a keen sense of responsibility to their communities (so we hope…). Each state has a distinctive narrative to share.

We have a motto at CANiVISION — “One Network. Many Voices”. Not only is there a history that needs to be explored, but there is a story being told and it is important that we allow everyone involved to have a voice. Our goal is to bridge the gaps between the “streets” and the “boardroom”. We plan to gain a better understanding of the Legacy market as we move into a new era of regulation. Each community…each state has a story to tell that has shifted those communities economically, socially, and physically, and psychologically. The Midwest CANiVISION Team will dedicate our efforts to reporting and discussing all perspectives in Cannabis as we tackle relevant content in business, medical, and lifestyle fields. Stay tuned for blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and broadcasts coming to a platform near you!

We hope that you will go on this journey with us as we work to highlight yours. Without all of our contributions, blood, sweat, tears, commerce, stories — there is no Cannabis industry and there shouldn’t be. Content doesn’t always have to be of the beautiful variety in order to tell an inspiring story (although there will absolutely be positive content). The Great Lake States will have something to say about their place in the Cannabis Industry and we can’t wait to bring you their story!

— Chris Jackson

CANiVISION Midwest Market Lead




Decentralized Media Broadcasting Organization

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Decentralized Media Broadcasting Organization

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