By: Cimone Casson

I believe in creating pathways to rebuild communities and offer a viable entry for minorities into the Cannabis Market. Passionate about leveraging existing policies combined with innovation to develop the blueprint for what I fondly named “Da Market”, as the architect of the Michigan Marijuana Market, I may have found a great solution by establishing a local stock exchange.

The local stock exchange is not a new idea to assist in building communities. Historically, local stock markets have been used to bridge the gap between social and economic issues in several American communities. The Seattle Exchange-listed Olympia…

Introducing DiME BAGS: 10 Questions from the CANiVISION staff with some of the most interesting people in the cannabis universe.

Every week it seems more mainstream faces are popping up endorsing cannabis products. Like it or not, the trend is JUST getting started.

We sat down with industry crossover broker, Marcus Roebuck of GAMETIME Entertainment and chatted a bit about his journey into the game and how he sees the future panning out for crossover opportunities between mainstream celebrities and cannabis.

CV: Tell us a little about your background. What did you do before entering cannabis?

MR: I was raised…

What just happened….

The biggest loser on Election Night 2020 is the War on Drugs, as yet five additional states legalized some form of cannabis use, either Adult Use or Medical. Using cannabis, be it for pain or for pleasure, is now legal in 35 states. What does this mean? It means patients searching for effective treatments will have more legal and affordable options. It means the medical community can no longer continue to ignore 4500 years of recorded history and 23,000 medical studies showing cannabis is effective for a wide range of conditions. It means fewer people will go…

By Justin Bernstein

Cannabis investment firm Cannapreneur Partners announced this week that they are partnering up with two veteran-owned and operated cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts.

The new joint venture includes JWTC Wick and Noble Manna LLC. Both businesses recently secured Host Community Agreements (HCA) in Rowley and Mendon, respectively, allowing them to open adult-use shops, pending regulatory approvals.

Cannapreneur also announced that the firm made investments in both dispensaries, and that the partnership plans to support the veterans community by supplementing costs of cannabis products, giving back up to 10% of net profits to help enhance access to cannabis for…

A Decentralized Media Broadcasting Organization

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, in Detroit last week when the eagerly anticipated Adult Use Marijuana Ordinance came to fruition last week.

The long and short of social equity access boils down to a hyper local level. How many businesses will be allowed, where are the “green zones” or real estate landscapes of where the businesses can be located.

Detroit released regulations for adult-use marijuana establishments, and authorized business licenses for co-location, and adult-use marijuana establishments including grower, processor, retailer, secure transporter, safety compliance facility, microbusiness, marijuana event organizer, temporary marijuana event, and…

Each industry throughout our history has had its own story to tell. Most of the industries we have come to know have certainly been altered and re-told but still has a sense of pride with respect to those that have participated in one way or another. The Cannabis industry is no different.

The Cannabis Industry is unique in that a story of healing and opportunity has equally been plagued with greed and discrimination. Many industries in America and beyond tend to tell one side without exposing the other(s) — The good, the bad, and the ugly. We fortunately find ourselves…


Decentralized Media Broadcasting Organization

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